19 December 2014
A very warm welcome to our Christmas Newsletter. It has been another fantastic term and one which has seen a large number of visitors from around the country. All our visitors are so complimentary about the students, they really are a credit to you and we, as teachers, have much to be proud and to be grateful for. May I make a particular mention to Year 11, to thank them and you for helping the mocks run so smoothly, particularly as we have appointed a new Examinations Officer who has not been with us for very long. Please ensure the Year 11 students have a proper rest over the Christmas break so that they come back refreshed and ready for the last push before their exams in the summer.
Sadly we say goodbye to Miss Chapman Smith who is joining Strode’s College in Egham to teach Psychology. She is a great teacher who will be sorely missed, we wish her all the luck in the future.
Since I last wrote to you Miss Hornby has had a beautiful baby boy called Ezra, both mother and baby are doing really well. Mrs Lord has, this week, gone on maternity leave and we shall shortly say farewell to Mrs Evans and Miss Taylor who go on maternity leave very soon.
This term has been busy, not just the day job but also our role as a Teaching School and a Maths Hub. We have 36 teachers that we are currently training and this number could double next year. We are also continuing to support six other schools in their improvement journey and are involved in a number of other projects like training Headteachers, research projects and much more. As a Maths Hub we are responsible for the co-ordination of work to improve Maths teaching in 600 schools in the South East. As part of this Miss Dwyer and Mr Petri spent two weeks in Shanghai (where 7 year olds could work out questions like 3.2 x 2.5 in seconds in their heads!!!). We will keep you posted about further developments.
Now for my termly reminder/bit of a moan……. I’m afraid that there are one of two things on my list this time. Firstly, my termly whine about uniform….. skirts are still an issue for some of our lovely girls, please ensure that the skirt touches the knee cap when your daughter stands up straight, you will know if this affects your daughter as you may have recently received a letter home from me. We now move on to hairstyles, please ensure that your child abides by the rules when it comes to haircuts, a grade 2 is the shortest we allow and students will be sent home if they turn up with inappropriate hairstyles. As usual, we have had a few complaints from our neighbours about parking. Please remember that some residents live in very close proximity to the school and they should be able to get in and out of their drives freely and without obstruction from parked cars. Please ensure that you drop off and pick up your children from the Leisure Centre. A short brisk walk to and from the Leisure Centre will do the children a world of good and keep the school’s good relationship with local residents.
Finally, I would like to thank Mr Robinson who is stepping down as editor of the Newsletter after many years. He has done an amazing job of collating all the articles from the departments and Heads of Years and ensuring it all comes together to keep you up-to-date with latest events and news about the school.
Please join us on Thursday evening for a glass of mulled wine and mince pie at our Advent Liturgy at 7.00pm in the School Hall where we remind ourselves of the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus.
I wish you all a peaceful and joyous Christmas and send good wishes to you and your family for 2015.
God bless.
Ani Magill
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